Sponsors of SSTV (SpaceCam1) for ISS

SSTV for the ISS (International Space Station) is being made possible by the very generous efforts of several Amateur Radio Operators. There is no funding presently available for Amateur Radio Projects aboard the ISS. The SSTV System for the ISS is called SpaceCam1.

The SSTV developments for ISS are being carried on by the same MAREX group that contributed and gained much valuable experience in the very successful Mir SSSTV System. Additional personnel have volunteered and have been added to the MAREX-MG group.

The Mir SSTV System consisted of a hardware package. The ISS SSTV System is a software concept utilizing a laptop computer presently aboard the ISS. The software and interface will be added to the existing Ericsson HT radio aboard the station which is presently being used for packet and voice communications to Earth.

Those who are sponsoring the SSTV development and supplying the interconnect hardware include:

1. Miles Mann, WF1F, -- Introduced the software concept. Demonstrated initial prototype setup to ARISS with acceptance by ARISS/ARRL/AMSAT groups. Wrote initial specifications for SpaceCam1 and manages developments and changes.

2. Jim Barber, N7CXI. Jim and his partner, Bill Montgomery, VE3EC developed the highly successful "CPIX" SSTV software. For more information see: Jim has made many changes in CPIX to produce a simplified CPIX program called "SpaceCam1" specifically suited for ISS or other Space Stations.

3. Don Miller, W9NTP. Don with his wife, Sue, W9YL operated Wyman Research, Inc. during the Mir SSTV development. (W9YL became SK Nov., 2000) For additional information see: (http://www.svs.net/wyman). Don along with W8ZCF initiated the original concept for the Mir SSTV System. A quantity of 4 Mir Systems were built and tested at the Wyman facility. Don, W9NTP has been continuously active in Amateur Radio ATV/SSTV for some 48+ years. He has contributed numerous ideas for the ISS SSTV System and participated in many tests of SpaceCam1.

4. Farrell Winder, W8ZCF. -- Farrell along with Don, W9NTP conceived the original idea for the Mir SSTV System.. As a result of the Mir experience both have contributed new ideas for the ISS package. They have completed very successful SpaceCam1 tests via AO-10 and FO-29 satellites as well as worldwide HF terrestrial tests.



5. Hank Cantrell, W4HTB. Hank built the autocontroller for the Mir SSTV System which permitted automatic capture and transmission of pictures for the Mir System. A similar concept using software for the CW ID/time sequence is being incorporated on the ISS System. Hank has contributed to the ISS specifications and SpaceCam1 testing.

6. Lou McFadin, W5DID, (ISS Ham Hardware Manager). Lou operated the AMSAT Laboratory in Florida for several years and made major contributions to the hardware electronics for AO-40. Lou also designed and built the voice/packet interface now being used aboard the ISS with the Ericsson HT radio. He is also supplying the hardware that will interface with SpaceCam1 software on the IBM 760 XD laptop computer aboard the ISS. Testing of a simulated package with an IBM 760 XD is underway at ground stations by Jim, N7CXI and Farrell, W8ZCF.

7. Sergej Samburov, RV3DR, Chief of the Cosmonaut Amateur Radio Department, Russia. Sergej was responsible for all Amateur Radio Equipment aboard Mir including the SSTV System. Sergej has provided many suggestions and has made it possible for special antennas to be incorporated aboard ISS specifically for Amateur Radio. This was done through dedicated efforts in selling the concept of benefits of Amateur Radio to Energia.

8. Fabrizio Bernardini, Technical Writer, Italy. Fabrizio, a recognized technical contributor, has volunteered to write the User Instruction Manual for SpaceCam1. The Cosmonauts and Astronauts will be greatly assisted by this work.

Many others have graciously given their time to offer critique and suggestions. Those who have contributed to the effort by reviewing specifications, sending and receiving pictures in the testing of SpaceCam1 include:

1. Wayne Nataka, N1WPN

2. Stephen Lombard, VK2ISP

3. Danny Huton, VA3DH

4. Steve Forcht, VA3SF

5. Fusanon Koide, JG1VEM

6. Barrie Boden, G4CDZ

7. Ron Chapman, KA2HZ

8. Mile Pisani

9. Robert Suding, W0LMD

All the sponsors referenced herein are given a big vote of thanks for their tireless efforts of time and contributions of materials as needed to make SpaceCam1 successful. It is anticipated that with suitable test results as approved by ARISS, the software with the interconnect module could be sent to the ISS as early as mid summer, 2001.

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