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What is Slow Scan TV?

To start with, SSTV isn't even television at all... at least not the kind you are accustomed to. It is actually a form of facsimile (fax), which is a line-by-line transmission of a single frame still picture. In the old days, since the FCC first authorized its use in 1960, SSTV was strictly black-and-white, very expensive, and very difficult. Not so today! Using a simple radio interface and your PC's sound card, you can easily get on this exciting mode. Color images are now the norm, with screen resolutions of up to 640x480 pixels and 24-bit true color. Good to excellent pictures can be sent with transmissions taking from one to four minutes (you'll need to reduce power about 50% on SSB). There are many different formats used to transmit the image, but the software for all of them is readily available. Most amateur SSTV activity is on HF. Try listening to 14.230 or 14.233, especially on weekends. Slow Scan TV has also been accepted for installation onboard the International Space Station (ISS) through the efforts of MAREX-MG. Go back to our main page and follow the links to SpaceCam 1 to learn more about this project.

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