MAREX-MG ISS SpaceCam 1 Team Members

G. Miles Mann        WF1F
Jim Barber             N7CXI
Don Miller               W9NTP
Hank Cantrell         W4HTB
Farrell Winder        W8ZCF
Wayne Nakata       N1WPN


Dr. Don Miller, Hank Cantrell, and Farrell Winder developed and tested the MIR SSTV System.  Four systems were built at Don's Wyman Research, Inc. facility. Miles Mann arranged to deliver the systems to Russia, and traveled there to train the Cosmonauts in how to operate the equipment.

With the success of the Mir System, Miles and the MAREX group proposed a new software system to ARISS, for deployment on the new International Space Station.  This software is called "SpaceCam 1", and was created by Jim Barber. Jim and his partner Bill Montgomery (VE3EC) developed the  ChromaPIX system, which is used worldwide. Testing, simulation, and QA are provided by MAREX members, and the SpaceCam Testing Group.

The necessary hardware interface between the SpaceCam 1 software and the laptop computers aboard the ISS is being provided by Lou McFadin, (W5DID) ISS-HAM Hardware Manager of the ARISS Group.

SpaceCam Testing Group

Stephen Lombard         VK2ISP
Danny Huton                 VA3DH
Steve Forcht                  VA3SF
Fusanori Koide             JG1VEM
Barrie Boden                G4CDZ
Ron Chapman              KA2HZO
Mike Pisani

United Kingdom



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