SSTV images received from the latest MIR mission

The following images are from the current MIR mission only, from 16 April 2000 on. Where duplicate images were submitted, only the best single images were included here. - N7CXI


Window shot of earth from the Mir-Core module. This shot was taken while Mir was over North America. At the bottom of the image is one of the solar panels, and a radio antenna going diagonally to the left. At the top of the image is another solar panel.

This is a shot of the Mir-Core module control station. There are two seating positions, one on either side of the small round radar screen. The seats are T-Bar seats, designed to hold the crew in place and not float away. The round circle in the center is the main hatch to the rest of the space station. You can see two flexible air vent hoses in this image. - WF1F


Alexander Kaleri is working on a lap-top pc. - WF1F

.. And a close up of his watch. -WF1F


Zalentin on the left, and Alexander Kaleri on the right.
Kaleri is wearing an orange exercise harness.
- WF1F


Cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri is working on a lap-top computer. He is located in the Mir Core, or Base-Block module of the Space Station. He's sitting at a table which doubles as a work bench and oven for heating food. Above his head and to the right a little, are two glowing objects. The larger, square object is the display on the MAREX-MG Tasco SSTV system. Just above the display is a bluish rectangle display of the Kenwood TM-V7 Transceiver, which is used to send the images to Earth from the Russian Space Station Mir. - WF1F




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