MAREX-MG ISS SpaceCam1  Project

What is SpaceCam1 ?

SpaceCam1 is a software-based Slow-Scan Television (SSTV) system, developed by MAREX-MG for deployment on the International Space Station.  It will be used by future ISS crews for SSTV image communications with amateur radio operators worldwide.

Will I be able to receive images from SpaceCam1?

Yes!  SpaceCam1 will transmit and receive images on amateur radio frequencies, using standard SSTV formats.  Although SpaceCam1 is capable of operating in several modes, the standard format will be Robot 36.  This format offers the best standard compromise between image quality and transmission time.

In addition to two-way "interactive" operation, SpaceCam1 provides the following fully-automatic functions:

What equipment will I need to receive the images?

What does SpaceCam1 look like?

Here's a picture of the current software:

When will SpaceCam1 be operational?

SpaceCam1 arrived on ISS in October 2005.  We are currently waiting the assignment of a dedicated laptop computer for the project.  Tentative plans call for possible activation in Q2 or Q3 2006 

 Here's a link to reduced-size scan of the ARISS acceptance letter


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